Smart Mirror

At Blue Stamp I am creating a smart mirror using magic mirror. My goal is to have multiple modules all functioning on this smart mirror.

Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
Anthony Clement Brooklyn college academy Electrical Engineering Incoming Senior

Headstone Image


During my time at BlueStamp Engineering I have learned a little about Javascript while working in my terminal this has made me realize for the future since I intend on majoring in engineering I should learn more code.

Final Milestone

Second Milestone

For my second milestone I added a few new modules I added a smart phone control module that would allow my to control my mirror modules and settings from my phone. I have also added a voice assistant that I named Jarvis. This voice assistant would be able to activate and deactivate modules depending on what I would like to see. Since my first milestone Ive also included the touch screen overlay to inable the touch screen module.

Milestone 2

First Milestone

My first milestone was setting up and hooking up the Raspberry Pi. I had to install the magic mirror on Raspian, which gave me access to the default layout of the magic mirror. From there, I removed the compliments module and basic weather module. I replaced the original weather with a 3-day weather module. I also added a touch screen module and a wallpaper rotation from fire tv screen savers.

First Milestone